Secure control of your loved one’s estate

You are likely to miss your loved one when they are gone, but you can at least take comfort in the knowledge that you have followed their final wishes. They will have wanted you and your other family members to benefit from their hard work, and securing control of their property and other assets is the first step in carrying out their final wishes.

What is probate?

Probate is a legal document that gives control of your loved one’s estate (their property, money, belongings and other assets) to their chosen executor. Their executor (who will have already been named in their will) will apply for a Grant of Probate from their nearest probate registry. Once probate has been granted, the executor will be able to put into practice the requests and terms laid out in their loved one’s will.

We can help you complete your probate forms to ensure that control of your loved one’s estate is passed over to you without any unnecessary delays, stress or aggravation.

How much does it cost to obtain probate?

We aim to make our estate administration pricing as transparent as possible. Our fees for obtaining probate start with a fixed fee service of £875 plus VAT of £175, which will help you obtain the Grant of Probate on the information you give us. There will be additional fees payable to the Probate Registry of £273 and for copies of the Grant, which are charged at 50p each.

For all other estates, depending on its size and complexity, we can agree a fixed fee or a percentage of the value of the estate, or alternatively, we will clearly set out the basis of how we will calculate our fees.


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